The retail and distribution industries offer many exciting pathways and career opportunities, from large corporate companies to small owner-operated businesses. They are diverse, varied and competitive industries which can provide attractive salaries and interesting work.

Many successful retailers who started on the shop floor in sales, have gone on to manage a department, store and even a company by their mid-20s.

The retail and distribution industries cover many sectors including, food, fashion and technology. They also offer diverse career roles such as, sales, marketing, IT and management.

Think about the things you are passionate about - there could be a role in there somewhere for you. For example, if you have an interest in cycling, maybe a job at a bike shop would excite you. If you love music, think about managing a music retail store.

Retail is a people-business, with challenging prospects. It develops skills that are not only effective in the workplace but also in everyday life.

Whether you want a new challenge, or want a change of occupation, or you've just arrived in New Zealand, a job in retail or distribution could be the career for you.

Check out these career options:

Area manager
Human resources
Support office roles
Stock management


Starting-out wage information

Get a foothold on the employment ladder: The new starting-out wage provides young New Zealanders with more opportunities to get into the workforce.

Starting-out wage flyer - 16-19 year olds

Starting-out wage factsheet - 16-19 year olds

Starting-out wage factsheet - Employers

Starting-out wage flyer - Employers

Starting-out wage factsheet